GOP Strategist: 'Detroit Should Prepare A Bid' For Party's 2016 Convention

February 05, 2014, 9:11 AM by  Alan Stamm

Matt Mackowiak, a young Republican political operative in Austin, proposes a long shot he knows is way out there. It's also a handy way to take aim at the other side.

Matt Mackowiak of Austin writes: "Detroit would be a powerful symbol as the GOP convention's host." (LinkedIn photo)

"I'm not naive," he writes near the top of a Detroit News guest column suggesting that "the Republican National Committee should seriously consider holding its 2016 national convention in Detroit."

Detroit would be a powerful symbol as the GOP’s convention host city. Ronald Reagan was nominated here in 1980 and the parallel to that historic event and his economic message of “a rising tide lifts all boats” would also be powerful.

No city in America better symbolizes the ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats than Detroit, which is currently filing for bankruptcy. 

The city has been under Democratic control since the 1960s, and what has resulted is big government, high taxes, a weak private sector economy, suffocating regulation, corruption and stifled economic growth. Showcasing the failures of the Democratic agenda in Detroit would be politically valuable in 2016. . . .

Hosting the convention there would allow [Republicans] to shine a spotlight on how their agenda will create economic growth and opportunity everywhere, even in places like Detroit.

Well, maybe. But first there's a nagging detail, acknowledges Mackowiak, a University of Texas ('03) graduate. He's not naive, remember.

Among the most significant hurdles to Detroit hosting . . . is that host cities must raise at least $60 million, which would be a very difficult challenge for Detroit.

Still, the founder of a consultancy called the Potomac Strategy Group  thinks "Detroit should prepare a bid." And even if it doesn't take that highly unlikely step at this late stage, the Texan got The News to share his message about "failures of the Democratic agenda."

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