Own Elmore Leonard Keepsakes: Author's Estate Sale Is Thu.-Sat.

March 05, 2014, 2:26 PM by  Alan Stamm

That small green note on the left will make collectors' hearts race. It says "First Editions."

Seventeen posted photos don't suggest anything is extraordinary about a three-day Bloomfield Township estate sale that starts Thursday morning at 2192 Yarmouth, off Quarton and North Covington roads.

Nor does the listing's second line: "First edition and/or signed books, furniture, lamps, linens, rugs, garden accessories, outdoor furniture and more."

Ah, but the top line shows why a crowd will gather long before the door opens at 9 a.m.: "Renowned author Elmore Leonard's Estate."  

The globally acclaimed novelist died at the home last Aug. 20, three weeks after a stroke. He was 87.

Below are two more views of books up for purchase in the living room (left) and in an upstairs hall, where authors' copies include "Pronto" (1993), "Be Cool" (1999) and others.

Cash or credit card only, and don't even think about swinging by today: "Absolutely no pre-sales." A map is at this link.

A word to the wise: Early-bird dealers will assign themselves informal waiting numbers as early as Wednesday night and then line up in that order. 


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