Michael Moore's Torch Lake Mansion At Center Of Nasty Divorce

June 06, 2014, 5:37 AM

With his divorce trial looming, Michael Moore is battling his wife over the valuation of the couple’s assets, while branding her a spendthrift who “unilaterally wasted a large percentage of the marital funds” building a mansion on northern Michigan's Torch Lake, the Smoking Gun reports.

Moore said the mansion sparked mocking news stories about the activist filmmaker’s wealth, including charges that he lives like the One Percent.

Moore and Kathleen Glynn are scheduled for trial next month in a Michigan courtroom not far from the sprawling Torch Lake residence that Moore contends became a money pit that cost five times what his wife claimed she would spend on the home

Moore, 60, and Glynn, 56, were married nearly 23 years ago and have no children. 

In a series of demands for information prior to the trial, Moore has sought a wide variety of documents from Glynn, the Smoking Gun reports, including a “list of all vacations/travel from January 1, 2009 include the location, duration and all companions” and  a “list, with photographs, of all quilts in your possession whether purchased, gifted, loaned or produced by you.” Glynn is a quilting enthusiast who operates a Facebook page called “The Daily Stitch.”

Moore has also demanded Glynn to disclose whether, during the course of their marriage, she had ever hired a private investigator to “follow, record, photograph” him. Court records do not include Glynn’s reply to that query.


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