Updated: Is Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan Hatching a Deal With Matty Moroun?

March 05, 2015, 1:22 PM

Matty Moroun

Updated: Thursday, 1:15 p.m. -- John Roach, the mayor's spokesman, issued a statement: "Mayor Duggan always has favored building two bridges, but there is no deal with Mr. Moroun." He declined to elaborate on whether there have been talks going on.

He said the initial response to the Windsor Star about getting an interview with the mayor was a reference to a more in-depth interview with Duggan, and not specifically about the bridge. The Star reported that the mayor's office said it would be “several weeks” before it would respond to questions about a possible Moroun deal.  


From story earlier today

Just when you thought Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun was done with the fight to build a second bridge of his own....

Dave Battagello of the Windsor Star reports:

Political leaders are questioning whether Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has agreed to a deal with Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun over a vital piece of city-owned land needed for Moroun’s twin-span proposal.

Riverside Park, which sits on the riverfront underneath the bridge in Detroit, is needed by Moroun before he can get U.S. environmental approvals for his “enhancement project” — a new six-lane cable-stayed bridge to Windsor that would run parallel to the existing bridge.

Former Michigan state representative and community leader Rashida Tlaib is concerned Moroun has convinced Duggan to either agree to a deal that gives the park to Moroun or at least provide air rights over the park.

She’s concerned the cash-strapped city may be looking to profit from the asset.

The mayor's office isn't being very open about it all.

It told the Windsor Star that it would be “several weeks” before the mayor’s office would respond to questions about a possible Moroun deal.

“This is something we hope to arrange soon, but unfortunately right now the mayor’s schedule doesn’t allow for it for the next several weeks,” an official with the mayor’s office said in an email. “He is booked.

This all comes at the state of Michigan and Canada work on a proposal to build a bridge.

The Star reports:

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been critical of Moroun and is leading the fight to secure construction of the new government-backed Detroit River International Crossing bridge that would compete with Moroun’s privately owned crossing.

A spokesman indicated Snyder’s office would not be privy to whether Duggan has agreed to a deal with Moroun.


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