2015 Recap: Detroit Is a 'Pretty Dangerous' Place to Film -- Ryan Gosling

December 24, 2015, 6:01 AM

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Ryan Gosling, who directed the movie "Lost River," which was made in Detroit, says it "was pretty dangerous" as a filming location.

Gosling describes Detroit to Thomas Page of CNN as a city with lots of problems and decay, and also a city on the rise.


There was  "an energy there that was threatening," he says. "We had a very charmed experience [filming]. It worked its way into the fabric of the movie --- a tone of impending threat that was just there."

Gosling feels this paradox is part of discussing Detroi, and is just what the film is trying to convey.

"We want people to know that dereliction is happening there, but that it's not only what is happening there," he argues, according to CNN.  "It doesn't define Detroit, it's just part of what it's dealing with right now."

"Something really interesting is happening in Detroit at the moment -- a rebirth. People redefining what they are,"  Gosling goes on to say. "There's a resilience there and an energy, and it's exciting."

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