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Flint council reprimands member who gave Nazi salute

January 29, 2020, 12:07 PM

A Flint City Council member who gave a Nazi salute at a recent meeting has been stripped of leadership positions, MLive reports.

Eric Mays' colleagues this week voted 6-0 to remove him as the body's vice president and finance committee chair. A similar effort failed earlier this month. 

The reprimand came after Mays was ordered removed from Monday's meeting for lashing out at a city administrator. At a Jan. 13 meeting, he repeatedly called Council President Monica Galloway "Hitler" and gave the Nazi salute.

He addressed the the incident in a recent town hall, saying, “I researched what apology means. If I offended anybody, I regret it. But I’m acting under a dictatorship.”

In 2017, Mays was convicted of pawning a city laptop nine times.


Let's Talk About Nazi Salute-Giving Flint Councilmember Eric Mays

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