Can't go bowling? Southfield entrepreneur will bring the lane to you

December 13, 2020, 7:37 AM

Bowling alleys are closed to control the spread of Covid-19, but no governmental order says anything about tricked-out bowling in a truck, so Luxury Strike CEO Terence Jackson Jr. has this thing locked up. 

Jackson, a Southfield entrepreneur, has coverted an extended fifth-wheel trailer into a flashing-lights, two-lane bowling alley that he will drive to you and park outside your house, in a park, or anywhere you want to bowl. 

Laura Herberg at WDET reports:

The trailer includes two 25-foot lanes, an automatic ball return, automatic pin-resetters and even digital scorekeepers. It is, however, not 100% regulation bowling. To better accommodate the space, the balls here weigh about 3 to 4 pounds (as opposed to up to 16 pounds for typical bowling), are about the size of a grapefruit and don't have any holes. It's like duckpin bowling, except the pins aren't fat.

... Jackson used to build party buses. That's what started him down this path. Inspired by convenience apps like Uber and Grubhub, and novel vehicles like arcade trucks and ax-throwing trailers, Jackson wanted to package up a sport for the masses.

"The only sport you can't package up and take home with you is bowling," Jackson says. Plus, he felt like bowling appeals to a large demographic." At any age, someone will try to bowl," he says.

In the modern fashion, the lane has a thumpin' sound system you can hook your own tunes for, flashing lights and a party-bus atmosphere,

So far, business has been great, he says. Rates start at $500 for two hours, and the trailer typically has 20-30 bookings a week. 

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