Recording: Hear Kwame Kilpatrick Talk About Preaching, His New Love and Jesus

June 11, 2021, 4:17 PM

Kilpatrick recently. (Photo: Nicole Ashley Allen Photography)

After publishing our exclusive story on Kwame Kilpatrick on Tuesday we give readers an opportunity to listen to the Deadline Detroit interview with the ex-Detroit mayor.

Kilpatrick talks about being locked up, his conversion to accepting Jesus, becoming a preacher, his fiancé, his children, his criminal case and the pain of leaving Detroit.

"I'm going to say this now, I'm not running for anything. I believe I've been put in a completely different lane," he says in a 1 hour, 23 minute phone interview recorded with his permission.

Kilpatrick was sentenced in 2013 to 28 years for public corruption. In January, President Trump commuted his sentence to time served. 

Below is a condensed, 55-minute version of the conversation. 

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