Michigan hospitals have over 4,500 Covid patients, up 14% in a week

November 29, 2021, 2:23 PM

The need for hopsital-level Covid care has continued swelling statewide since last Monday, new health department data shows.

Michigan currently has 4,386 adults and 139 pediatric patients admitted with confirmed or suspected Covid diagnoses, a 14% increase jump in seven days. Among the adults, 917 are receiving intensive care -- up from 338 at the start of last week.

More than 900 Covid patients are in intensive care statewide. (Photos: DepositPhotos)

Nearly half the overall Covid patients are in tricounty Metro Detroit and three adjacent counties.

Beaumont's eight hospitals have 622 patients with the pandemic virus, including 75 in ICUs. Its 99-bed branch in Wayne is at 100% occupancy and its Dearborn site had just five vacant beds Monday morning. "It's almost exclusively unvaccinated" people, Dr. Matthew Sims, Beaumont's director of infectious disease research told The Detroit News on Sunday.

The Henry Ford Health group is treating 406 Covid patients at four Detroit-area hospitals and 95 in Jackson. St. Mary Mercy in Livonia has 177 people with Covid,

"Hospitalizations have been increasing for 19 weeks, and Michigan continues to have the most cases [per-capita] and highest inpatient bed use in the country," posts The News. 

The Monday tally breaks the previous record of 4,158 adults hospitalized on April 19 [with confirmed cases].

In Southeast Michigan, hospitals in six counties have 2,158 adults and 114 children or adolescents with pandemic diagnoses or strong symptoms -- 19% more than last Monday. The Department of Health and Human Services on Monday posts Covid hospitalizations for eight regions, including these:

Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair counties: 1,079 adults (confirmed and suspected), 15 pediatric cases | 175 in ICU

Wayne, Monroe, Washtenaw: 1,079 adults, 99 pediatric | 202 in ICU

In that second region, more than 4.5 times as many pediatric beds have young Covid patients than was the case last Monday (up from 21).

In response to Michigan's pandemic surge, its fourth since April 2020, 44 U.S. Military Health System professionals on Monday began supplementing the staffs at Beaumont Dearborn Hospital and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids for a month. 

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