Michigan Audit Debunks Trump Camp's BS About Dead Voters in Michigan's 2020 Election

March 04, 2022, 10:25 AM

Biden is still the winner.

A  state report released Friday debunks Trump supporters' claims that scores of fraudulent absentee ballots were cast on behalf of dead people in the 2020 election in Michigan where Joe Biden soundly defeated Donald Trump by 154,000 votes. 

The 67-page report from Auditor General Doug Ringler doesn't question the outcome, The Detroit News reports:

In the wide majority of the cases, the problem votes were absentee ballots cast by someone who died in the final days before the election, according to the auditors' report. That indicates the people were alive when they sent in their ballots ahead of the election but passed away before Election Day.

In 20 instances in the presidential election, a person who cast a ballot had died more than 40 days before the election, according to the new report.

In November 2020, one Trump supporter who goes by Essential Fleccas tweeted: "Here's a list of 10,000 people that are confirmed deceased (cross referenced with Social Security Death Index) that requested and returned absentee ballots in Wayne County. Are all these "clerical errors" too? We're not even through the whole county yet."

The British Broadcasting Company took a sample of 31 people on the list and found only three were actually dead. "A clear pattern emerged - the wrong records had been joined together to create a false match," the publication wrote.

Of the three dead, one person had died weeks before the election and after casting a ballot. Two men on the list had died some time ago. 

The BBC found that the dead men had sons with the same name currently registered at the same address as their deceased fathers. In one case, it appears one of the men mistakenly mailed his father's ballot, but not his own. In the other case, the man sent in the right ballot, but a clerical error marked it as his father's.  

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