New era at Movement Detroit festival: Weed dispos among sponsors

May 31, 2022, 8:33 AM

(Photo: "DigiDave1" on Reddit, reposted with permission)

Tito's Vodka, Bud Light, Crown Royal and Stella Artrois were among marketers at Detroit's three-day electronic dance music vibefest. And for the first time, cannabis sellers also had booths, banners and promotions at Hart Plaza this holiday weekend. 

"Marijuana-related businesses were highly visible ... in a sign of growing mainstream acceptance of the drug," The Detroit News observes. JARS Cannabis of Troy was most prominent, sponsoring one of the six stages and hosting two official parties.

Other cannabis companies that sponsored this year's techno music festival include Weedmaps, Breeze Dispensary and Ooze.

JARS Cannabis, sponsor of the Detroit Stage, has 15 Michigan sites -- including two in this city. (Company photo)

Tristan Blackett, marketing director of Ooze in Oak Park, tells The News:

"A lot has changed on the national, state and local level because weed is no longer the big, bad thing it once was and people are finally coming out of the green closet." 

The paper also has what may be today's most amusing line:

The presence of cannabis vendors didn't seem to bother festival-goers.

Really now, ya' don't say?

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