Black gay couple opens pot-friendly bed and breakfast in Northwest Detroit

June 04, 2022, 6:36 AM

A "bud and breakfast" in Detroit's Bagley neighborhood bills itself as the first pot-friendly overnight stay option in the city.

Owners Jess and Cara Jackson, a Black gay couple, tell local media outlets they created the Copper House in the spirit of equity and activism. The pair wanted a safe, welcoming space for people like themselves and to right the historic wrong of disproportionate arrests of Black people for marijuana crimes.

The idea was inspired by a backpacking trip through Europe, the Jacksons told Metro Times this spring: 

Throughout their travels, they stayed in a variety of short-term rentals ranging from bed and breakfasts to hostels.
“What we loved about the hostel experience is that it was very communal, and that there was kind of like a community ambassador around,” Jess says. “But the concern was we’re queer, and we’re gay, and we don’t know if we can be affectionate around these people.”
That concern is a part of what led Jess to decide that the Bagley neighborhood was the right area for the Jacksons to begin laying permanent roots. The area is relatively close to Ferndale, the Michigan city most known for being LGBTQ+ friendly, and Bagley itself is known for being accepting as well.

In addition to overnight rentals, The Copper House also offers to host events. Rates range from $80 per night for a room to $500 for a several-hour event for up to 30 people. 

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