'Detroit in Black and White:' Actor Harper Hill Tells Why He Wants to Be Michigan's Next Senator

November 11, 2023, 1:12 PM

Hosts Adolph Mongo, Vanessa Moss and Allan Lengel talk with actor Harper Hill, who tells them why he's running for U.S. senate, and about the Democratic Party's push to back his opponent in the primary.

Hill, a Detroit resident, is best known for his roles as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes in CSI: NY, Agent Spelman Boyle in Limitless, and Dr. Marcus Andrews in The Good Doctor. He earned a law degree from Harvard and owns the Roasting Plant Coffee shop in downtown Detroit.

They also talk to Toinu Reeves, a Ph.D candidate in economics at the University of Michigan, about a proposed land tax that could end up costing people more money, not less as some claim.

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