Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo: 'I Am Never Going to Resign'

January 05, 2024, 3:52 PM

Kristina Karamo

Despite a chorus of cries from members of her own party to step down, Michigan GOP Chair Kristina says she's not going anywhere, at least if she can help it.

"I am never going to resign," she tells Kaitlyn Buss of the Detroit News. "There is a series of individuals who, for the purposes of perception building, like to run around and claim they have the votes — and they don't. I won at the convention overwhelmingly. I won it with 14 points and won all three rounds. My point in saying that is that we have the overwhelming support of the delegates. We have the support of the state committee.

"Of course, there are people who are going to be disgruntled. The calls for me to resign are actually going to work against them because the letter that they wrote is filled with deception. It's not even based on things that I've actually done. They're making things up. They're fabricating things or taking half-truths. Those things are being revealed more and more and people are starting see how dishonest many of these people are."

Last week, eight of the 13 Republican congressional district party chairs asked Ms. Karamo to resign in a joint letter, pleading with her to “put an end to the chaos” by stepping down, the New York Times reported. 

Despite the fact a lot of well-heeled Republican have refrained from donating to the party because of Karamo, she insists she'll work on getting GOP candidates elected in 2024. 

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