WXYZ: How a Bad Cop Bounced From One Metro Detroit Police Department To Another

March 29, 2024, 8:24 AM by  Allan Lengel

Police officer Mark Aldrich

Police officer Mark Aldrich had a troubling record as a cop that included allegations of abusing his authority, lying, illegal traffic stops and even having sex with an exotic dancer he had arrested after a car crash.  

After getting bounced from one police department, he'd find another one to work for, according to a report by investigative reporter Ross Jones of WXYZ. He's worked for at least four different departments. 

When he was with the Belleville Police Department in Wayne County, he got a towing company to give him a car that he was supposed to donate to a needy family. Instead, the car ended up for sale on eBay. Aldrich said he sold it for extra income, Jones reports. The chief asked him to resign.

He then landed a job with the Huron Township Police Department in Wayne County. Six months into the job, he arrested an exotic dancer who was involved in a car crash. She was charged with drunk driving and marijuana possession. 

A week later, Jones reports, while the charges were pending, Aldrich met up with the woman at the club where she worked and got a lap dance. She also performed a sex act with him. He was later accused to harassing her via texts. When it all caught up with him, he resigned. 

After that he went to the Carleton Police Department in Monroe County in 2017. After trouble there, he was hired earlier this year by Lake Orion Police in Oakland County. He's now on administrative leave, Jones reports.

Watch the full report below. 

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