2014 Recap: Detroit Pupils' Video of 'Happy' Goes Viral

December 27, 2014, 8:25 AM by  Alan Stamm

Update: The Detroit video now has been seen more than 1.67 million times on YouTube.

This March 15 article, posted when the video had just 5,600 viewings and updated three days later at 150,000. is the sixth repost of notable 2014 content, based on readership and editors’ choices. The Top 10 series runs through Dec. 31. Links to earlier installments are at the end.

The exuberantly joyous version of "Happy" by an east-side Detroit school chorus directed by teacher Angela Kee keeps spreading its appeal. It has been seen more than 150,200 times on YouTube in 11 days. The latest 50,000 viewers came just since Tuesday morning.    

Students at Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences on East Jefferson, chartered by Oakland University.

These are among comments under a link on our Facebook page, where about 900 readers clicked "like" and over 160 shared it:

• "My daughter goes to that school and sings in the choir. Big up to Ms. Kee." -- Demond Haynes 

• "For those who don't know Detroit, this is Detroit!" -- Lacy Renee Dawson

• "Just too cute." -- Danita Kindle

• "Glad to see something positive. Love this." -- James Taylor

• "That was terrific!!!" -- Diane Raab

• "Fantastic." -- Marge Sturgill

• "Amazing-amazing-amazing!" -- Steven Figie

• "I can't stop smiling. Great job, kids. Too bad I didn't see *this* on the [TV] news!!!" -- Brigette Hollis

• "So inspirational." -- Bridget Dean 

• "I love the kids in the back row." -- Diane D'Angelo

• "Now that's how a school choir should sound! Children, you are all so remarkable, talented and inspirational! Great job students AND teacher!" -- Meredith Lea Bailey 


Original article, March 15:

You've heard Pharrell Williams' infectious hit "Happy" a lot -- maybe too much now that it's No. 1 on Billboard for a third week.

But you haven't heard this uplifting arrangement by the 41-member elementary school choir at Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences, two east side public schools founded by Rev. Jim Holley and managed by on-site CEO Maurice Morton. 

The charming two-minute performance, complete with smooth choreography and three impressive vocal solos, earns more than 5,600 YouTube views in eight days.  

Bet you clap along . . . and feel like a room without a roof.

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